Falkun Films soon to release feature documentary


'Dear Dom', a film about Malta's controversial ex-prime minister Dom Mintoff is soon to be released in cinemas. Falkun Films were awarded funds from the Malta Film Fund to produce this documentary which captures Mintoff and Malta's modern history from 1948 till 2008. Producing a film about Dom Mintoff in a country which is split down the middle in its opinions about the man was no mean feat. Producer and director Pierre Ellul together with production company Falkun Films rose to the incredible challenge and after facing numerous obstacles completed this production - a first for the Maltese islands.

View the trailer and read more about the film at www.deardomfilm.com


Falkun Films collaborates with Production Value 2012



Falkun Films actively contributes to the training and development of skills for film industry professionals. The company together with Production Value organised the  European scheduling and budgeting workshop in Malta. In its 6th edition, the yearly workshop is dedicated to the art and craft of scheduling and budgeting feature films. The participants - industry professionals, Line Producers, First Assistant Directors from all over Europe landed on our little rock and locked themselves up for this intense workshop.